Meggan Berg

Meggan has dedicated her entire adult life improve quality of life through inspired movement and mobility. She began her career on a corporate side implementing movement and wellness programs in the workplace. She was inspired to begin there as she had a corporate, and sedentary role in advertising. After having a desk job, she felt awful and made a career change to fitness and movement to help others who had sedentary jobs feel better, build confidence, and provide a quality of life inside and out.

She began teaching yoga and personal training 16+ years ago and honors both yoga and other types of movement as a continuous journey of self development and awareness that can assist in building confidence, building mindfulness, self love, compassion, resilience, strength, and beyond. Her teaching and training style is inclusive and light, yet challenging, all while creating a safe space of exploration to find an edge in people they never existed.

Meggan holds a degree in Health & Exercise Science, certified through both NASM, ACE, and yoga.


Coach / Meggan Berg