Mobility enhancement

The Forge Mobility Enhancement Training blocks take a proactive approach, not a reactive one, to your mobility and flexibility.  Many trainers and clients too often look at incorporating mobility work after an injury or event occurs, or merely see it as an afterthought to a workout.  This is a critical mistake we see in many of the programs offered to athletes. 

Mobility Enhancement is just as important to your performance ability on the field as any other strength, speed, or agility training you do.  With Forge, Mobility Enhancement becomes a tool not just to prevent injury, but to open your muscular and joint chains to actually improve your performance.  The more mobile your body is, the faster you can recover from training, which means we can help you train that much harder.

Our Mobility Enhancement focuses on the three primary modalities; soft tissue work, dynamic stretching, and joint mobilization.  When combining the Mobility Enhancement protocols with the other training blocks in our programming, you will leave us not just stronger, quicker, or faster, but also with greater mobility.  The more mobile your body is, the further you can push your performance in a healthy way and find greater success on the field.

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