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All of us at Forge Training know how busy your life can be.  For this reason alone, Forge has developed two comprehensive boot camp workouts designed specifically to get you the fitness results you are looking for.  Forge Training Boot Camp courses are very small with a low client-trainer ratio.  This approach, combined with nutritional counseling, ensures this will be a lifestyle change for you in addition to simply becoming fitter. 


Who: Adults looking to improve fitness levels


Forge 30: 30 minute HIIT style class aimed to increase heart rate while blasting the body's muscular system.  Built for all levels of fitness, no need to be intimidated, as our trainers will help you become adept through modifications to match your abilities.

Forge Performance - 45-60 minute class tackling all components of fitness while molding one's body into an elite specimen.  Here we will focus more consistently on Olympic barbells utilizing power movements.


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